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Welcome to DYLAN GOLF

It has now been scientifically proven (2014) that the traditional method of teaching golf is false. The idea we must learn how to stand, bend knees, keep our arms straight, turn shoulders and hips, keep our heads down and so on is not how we learn to play golf. It is not how the human brain learns any sport.


Just look at Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Squash, Hurling, Table Tennis, Hockey to name a few and you can see for yourself.


The way to learn golf is the same as the other sports. Use the bat or racket or stick to hit the ball.


In DylanGolf that is what we learn. To hit the ball with the golf club. Its effective, its fun, its rewarding and is how we naturally learn.


Would you copy these positions on these photos to learn these sports ?


Click here to see photos



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