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SchnupperSunday (9.00 am until 10.00pm) 1 hour FREE
PE (Platzerlaubnis) 2 months academy membership 8 times 1/2 hour  € 399,00
11 hour package  11 hour  € 700,00
Individual lesson 50 minutes  € 70,00


Schnuppersunday is a 1 hour introduction every Sunday between 9.00 am and 10.00 am to the great game of Golf. I will demonstrate the act of hitting a golf ball, long game, short game and putting. I will then guide you through the process of doing it yourself.

I have refined and executed Schnupper golf courses all over the world to thousands of people. What I have found out is that most who have already participated in an Schnupper course or who had had a lesson were very frustraded with their experience. This I find very alarming.

I will now give you a bog standard example of a Schnupper instruction that I have heard and seen all around the world personally and from students experiences before they met me.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your arms out with club parallel to the ground. Rest your upper arms against your chest. Bend down from the waist until your club touches the ground. Keep your spine straight. Pull your chin up. Flex your knees. Keep your left arm straight. Now turn your shoulders until club is waist height and toe of club is pointing to the sky. Now bend your wrists up so the club points to the sky causing a 45 degree angle between your left arm and the club. Now keep turning your shoulders 90 degrees until your left shoulder goes under your chin. Your hips will have turned 45 degrees. Keep your right knee braced to feel a tension in your leg. Keep your left arm straight. Now we can start the downswing. Now pull your left hip back and pull your arms down. Keep turning to impact with arms straight. Keep your head down and eye on the ball. Keep turning. Extend your arms and club towards the target. Lift your right foot up onto its toe. Now turn facing the target and pull your arms over your left shoulder. Stand balanced while staring at your ball flying.

How do you think you will get on with learning to hit the golf ball with this type of teaching method? 

Our Brain simply does not learn acts such as hitting a golf ball with a golf club by going through or instructing ourselves through body movements and positions. This has now been scientifically proven. Like any act such as throwing a ball, kicking a ball, catching a ball, hitting a ball in tennis, or squash, or table tennis, to name just a few, our brain is focused on the act. Not our body movements or positions.

So in this Schnupper course we will take you through the act of hitting the golf ball with the golf club. As a newcomer to the game it is necessary to understand the simple act that needs to be achieved and that is to make contact with the ball that is lying on the floor. We will demonstrate this and take you through steps and drills to allow you to focus on this act and not 17 body movements and positions to move through. The method we will follow is the only way that the brain learns an act. And we will show you this and you will have much enjoyment and success in learning through this simple approach.

PE (Platzerlaubnis) plus 2 months Academy membership.

PE (Platzerlaubnis) is the basic course required all over Europe in order to be allowed to play on a golf course. Its over a 2 month period so you have planty of time to practice your skills before the test. The course includes long game, short game, putting, rules and etiquette. After passing your PE your handicap will be 54 and you be confident to go out and play.

Individual lesson

I will work with you on your individual golf skills. In a fun, easy to understand way.