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For Young Golfers

The Dylan Golf Juniors Programme

Welcome to the 'Game of Golf'!

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be particularly strong, tall, lean or fast to succeed. Golf champions come in every shape and size imaginable. It’s never too early to start, and unlike most other sports you can enjoy golf your entire life. Unlike many other popular sports like skiing, soccer and handball, the chances of injury, especially serious injury, are almost non- existent.

The golf course is a safe place and facilitates mentoring relationships and good conduct and manners. For that matter you never know who you will meet on a golf course, but it’s one of the easiest places in the world to make friends. Success breeds success and people who play golf, for some reason tend to be more successful than the average. Best of all, golf creates a unique bond so those friendships can be developed all over the world and last a lifetime. I have played all over the world and have made many friends along the way doing so.

It’s hard to think about it now but kids grow up and the people they meet as children can play a huge part in their success later in life. Golf is a sport that helps prepare kids and teens for careers in business and other professional arenas. Even at 14 I was learning about real life business and conduct from all the adults I played with.

Golf closely parallels real life as one experiences the highs and lows of the game. The range of experience, from birdies to bogeys, rewards a young person's ability to keep each shot in perspective, manage one's emotions, maintain a positive outlook and focus on the shot at hand. Golf is a sport that will teach your child things like integrity, discipline and respect. As they learn to conduct themselves on the golf course, these lessons will translate directly into everyday life.

Avid golfers have a lot of opportunities when it comes to university entry. The earlier your child starts, the greater his or her chance is of gaining access to university. You may not believe that but many universities have good golf teams and a good player is always seen as an asset to the university.

In today’s world of video games and smart phones it can be challenging to drag your son or daughter off the couch. Today’s kids need more than ever to get away from the computer games and get out and socialize. Golf is the perfect excuse to spend an entire day enjoying nature and presents the opportunity to develop healthy lifelong exercise habits .Golf is a game that encourages family participation and is an opportunity for quality bonding time that can last a lifetime. Even today, playing with my own parents is still a great opportunity to bond with them.

This should probably be at the top of the list, but one of the best reasons to get your son or daughter involved with golf is that they’ll have an absolutely fantastic time. They’ll have the chance to learn new skills both physical and mental, be rewarded with a great sense of ability, compete as welll as make new friends and discover new opportunities.

There are a million things you can buy your kids or gift your kids in the hope that it helps them learn and grow, only a few make a real impact. Encourage them to play golf!

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Regular Training Sessions

The Dylan Golf Juniors train twice a week on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 until 12.40.

Training sessions are €20 each to join.


Monthly 9-Hole Tournament dates1

We also host monthly tournaments for Juniors to have the opportunity to lower their handicaps. To be organized.

April 2022 May 2022  June 2022   July 2022
 August 2022   September 2022  October 2022  

We will also organise a series of competitive matches against other clubs. We will post that information as soon as it becomes available.

Kids Camp Dates 2024

Price 340 euro including lunch.

Kids Camps are the best opportunity for training and improving. Confirmed dates for this year are:

01.07 - 05.07.2024
08.07 - 12.07.2024

12.08 - 16.08 2024
26.08 - 30.08.2024

The areas of the game covered throughout the week include etiquette, gamesmanship, rules, scoring, course management, team play, confidence building, creative play, short game and ball striking.

We look forward to your registration!

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Feedback from...


One Golf Professional & one Single Handicapper :) 9.2 ! Mati felt pushing the ball today very well. Continuing learning Golf the most satisfying way with DYLAN GOLF 🏌️‍♂️

WhatsApp Image 2021 07 25 at 20.47.08


Down to 2.6 and off to Golf Scholarship in South Africa.

WhatsApp Image 2021 07 25 at 20.57.47


Hi Dylan,
on behalf of Katharina this camp is a must attend for any kid and youth that has a desire to play golf. The information and experience provided is invaluable. I would definitely recommend attending around the year in Dylan-Golf-Juniors. The Kids-camp was wonderful!!!

Nice game

Noe Ansermet

Wins in 5 years training

Noe Ansermet

  • 29 Schüler Cup wins
  • Championship win:
    • 1st Ottenstein
    • 1st Madagascar
    • 1st Föhrenwald
    • 1st Fontana
    • 1st Diamond Club
    • 1st Spillern
    • 1st Spillern
    • 1st Spillern
    • 1st Order of Merit UN
    • 1st Swiss Payerne
    • 1st Enzesfeld GC

Nils Mayer

This is Nils Mayer........from beginner to 6.4 handicap in 12 months......came 3rd in the Club Champioship on his first attempt.

Nils Mayer