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I would like to thank my students for taking part in my lessons and enjoyed spending time with them. To all of you: "Keep on hitting down on it!!!"


Having met Dylan a year ago upon the recommendation of a friend of mine, I asked him to give me a few lessons to improve my golf. A lot of wrong doings was the basic characteristic of my golf capacity. Patiently but firmly he gave me the best teaching I have ever got (and I had before him a handful number of teachers), at times even using his I-Phone to show the real progress and how good I can be in my swing!!

Just seeing the divot fly away has given me a great sense of happiness. Starting almost like a newcomer, Dylan handled me in a way that can compare with a good beginner, learning how to hit properly that small ball, teaching key technical features, how to get out of a bunker, how to pitch and chip. Even my putting was bad until he trained me on the green.

Honestly, this has been a most rewarding experience….and I still do benefit from all the learnings. One evidence: he gave me enough confidence to be able now to participate in golf competitions with my club from the United Nations in Vienna.

Another key feature of his teaching: an excellent sense of humor--very important when you know that golf can be really a frustrating sport at times.


Listening and watching Dylan means getting a complete new access to the swing, there is no talking about this boring "inside-out" stuff, about "how parallel must be my clubshaft at the end of backswing", about "holding the head still" and so on...just hit the ball, He knows how to do it, He'll Show you, believe me, so: Book Him!!

PS: ask for "sheperds"! (Very important)